7 Secrets to Social Media Marketing

Selfie Campaign

-Run a selfie campaign at your dealership to gain buzz and show your wild side Charity Likes

Giving Back

-Does your Dealership already give to charity? Post a Facebook/Instagram post and say “for every like we will donate x amount of dollars to this charity.” Every time someone presses like on your page it is free press! 

Ugly Car Contest

-Run an ugly car contest on Instagram and Facebook. The winner gets X amount of money or free oil changes for a year. This will give your dealership the chance to go viral while showing off your sense of humor. “Greg, we would love to buy your 1872 Ford F-150”


-Everyone loves dogs! Incorporate a dog into your dealership persona and use he or she throughout the process. 

Sports Speculation

If the Florida Gators beat the Georgia Bulldogs everyone will get an additional 5k off of XYX. This gets the community involved and allows for another viral opportunity. 

Instagram/Youtube Celebs!

These guys are celebrities now-a-days! Pay a local influencer 500-1000 bucks and you can guarantee you will have thousands of people show up at your store. They are more famous than NBA and NFL players! 

Staff Selection

-Add a staff selection to specific cars. When you go to different business’s, Total Wine for example there are certain wines on the shelves you will see as “Jorge’s Selection of the Month.” This allows for creative content and builds trust with clients.

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